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PRESS...Read All About Him!!!

The following press articles chronicle the times and some of the events in the life of Ray Tharp. Drawn to his youth, we learn about ideals, priorities and commitments that formed the content of his character. Read on and travel to the places and events that provided stepping stones along his path to success. Reflect on the keen sensitivity of this modern day philanthropist. From his school days to his most recent appearances, Ray Tharp is an interesting and provocative personality.


SUBJECT: Talented High School Student DATE: October 1984 MEDIA: Newspaper


Seventeen-year-old Ray Tharp of Alexandria never ceases to amaze family and friends. His talents are remarkable, and his efforts are never ending. Not to anyone's surprise however, because Ray's family is the most encouraging of any I've met.

His mother Oma Tharp, sister Nina, brother Darrell, Trish (sister-in-law), and others are of tremendous influence for Ray.

To say he is musically inclined is putting it mildly. Ray plays piano, organ, banjo, trumpet, and his favorite, guitar. Although his music is versatile, his favorite is country, and he plays it beautifully.

Some of his inspirations are Ricky Scaggs, Alabama, Dolly Parton and Exile.

I enjoyed hearing Ray play such favorites as "Country Roads," "Amanda" and the "Wildwood Flower." To my surprise, though, he has written several songs of his own.

Ray's other specialties are doing ceramics and painting with acrylics. The talent he possesses is endless and he's very, very good at all of these hobbies. I was told the family also gets involved when Ray sits to write songs, or just to play a few oldies.

He's been in the Campbell County High School Choir now for three years. Water sports and swimming are his outdoor favorites. Summer activities in which the whole family take part include going to Surf Cincinnati, Kings Island, Americana and occasional trips to the Cincinnati Zoo. Which brings us to Tinsil Sue.

Tinsil is their pet Chihuahua, and she lets you know she is family as soon as you arrive at the door.

Ray hopes to continue his education and later seek a professional position in the medical field. When he accomplishes this, he would like then to write a book (on his family) and perhaps be able to cut a record.

Mr. Tharp would like to extend some thank you's out to a few friends. They are Tony Turner and family, Lorna Harrison (for being supportive), the Maggard family (for their help with the music), Lisa (a great friend) and most dearly, his family for tolerating and helping Ray achieve his goals. The family had a wonderful Thanksgiving get-together and wishes everyone a Merry Christmas.


SUBJECT: Ray records 2 videos in Nashville TN. DATE: February 1996 MEDIA: Magazine - Music Around Town (Nashville, Tennessee)


A star is on the horizon. New country music artist Ray Tharp recently traveled to Nashville, to record two videos. Talent and style were the order of the day as Ray performed "Little Rock" and "50,000 Names."

Ray's voice rang with emotion as he paid a musical tribute to those soldiers who died in Vietnam. Camera man Joe Dilaney, a Vietnam veteran, was so moved that it was necessary to pause taping three times. "Never have I been so overcome with emotion over a song. I cried so hard that I had to stop taping three times and get myself together. His rendition is one of the most healing experiences I have ever had;" Dilaney said.

As Ray performed "Little Rock" one observed a man, remorseful and repentant. Kathy Tiley a Ray Tharp fan states, "I was completely drawn in by his performance. He made me feel the emotion in the song. His voice is clear, strong and beautiful."

Ray Tharp is a young man with phenomenal talent and a captivating stage presence. Listen for his music and watch for his face. He is a legend in the making.


SUBJECT: Everyone loves a parade! DATE: September 1996 MEDIA: Kentucky Local Newspaper


Pat Jackson, owner of "Hair Connection," sponsored a float during last week's Alexandria Fair Parade that featured new country music recording artist and Alexandria native Ray Tharp. Singing with Ray was Nicole Jackson Allen, daughter of float sponsor Pat Jackson. The two sang live; a Lorrie Morgan/Jon Randall duet entitled, "By My Side." The float won second place in the contest. Tharp said he accepted this opportunity to introduce himself to his community and to serenade the people he loves, the residents of Alexandria. He is deeply grounded in his Kentucky heritage. Born in Campton, Ky., Ray is the youngest child of Oma and the late Estill Tharp. The Tharps moved to Alexandria in 1971 and made a permanent home in the community. Ray graduated in 1986 from Campbell County High School and attended Northern Kentucky University and the university of Cincinnati.


SUBJECT: Being Recognized As Something Special DATE: October 1996 MEDIA: Southern Kentucky (Jackson, Ky) Newspaper


Ray Tharp, Campton native, has made a recording in Nashville that is to be released soon.

Tharp was born in Campton in 1967, the youngest child of Oma and Estill Tharp. He says his family has always been musical. He remembers times when he visited his grandparents, Millard and Mintie D. Turner of Jackson. He remembers, too, singing with his mother and some of her sisters. Another pleasant memory is visiting his grandpa's store on Lick Branch Road and the delicious food his grandma use to cook.

Today Ray is a newly recorded country music artist. His management team and he went to Nashville earlier this year and recorded 50,000 Names. Soon to be released on the air, it is a song that pays tribute to those brave men and women who died serving their country. The Nashville Record Label Association deems Mr. Tharp one of the most talented artists they have recorded to date.

Ray is as gifted at songwriting as he is singing. Many of his songs reflect his Appalachian heritage. So, the next time you turn on your radio and hear a beautiful melodic tenor voice, singing a song that reminds you of home, listen carefully to the artist's name. It just may be Ray Tharp, the native son who dared to grab a shooting star and hang on.


SUBJECT: Coyote's Winner DATE: November 1996 MEDIA: Newspaper Ohio & Kentucky


Alexandria native and country music artist Ray Tharp delighted fans at Coyote's when he won the "Talent Round-up." For his winning performance he sang Collin Ray's "Little Rock" and Garth Brooks' "The Change." For six weeks Coyote's and Sony Music sponsored the contest in which more than 80 artists competed. A panel of industry professionals awarded Mr. Tharp with a cash prize and a professional photography session.


SUBJECT: Talent Winner DATE: November 1996 MEDIA: The Cincinnati Enquirer


ALEXANDRIA - Alexandria native Ray Tharp recently took home a cash prize and a professional photography session for winning Coyote's/Sony Music talent roundup. Mr. Tharp will open for a national act at Coyote's and have people from Sony Music in Nashville hear his performance.


SUBJECT: A Cincinnati Reporter Discovers Ray DATE: April 1997 MEDIA: Newspaper (Cincinnati, Ohio) Comm. Press


Country music artist Ray Tharp performs at various clubs in Cincinnati, as well as Northern Kentucky. He gains local fame as more and more people hear and appreciate his music. Ray Tharp fan Jennifer Reese states, "Ray Tharp has the best voice of any man in country music today. He can take a song and make you believe it's a personal story. I'll always be a fan!" Kevin Smith is a new Ray Tharp fan. He says, "I never liked country to much before I heard Ray Tharp sing. He has a way of capturing your attention and holding it until the last note of the song. It was a surprise to hear that voice come out of him. Wow, what a voice!"

This reporter had to see what this "Ray Tharp" phenomenon was all about. I was not disappointed. In one 45 minute session he made me laugh, cry and fall in love. His voice was dripping with emotion. He delivered each number in such a way that I was mesmerized. Besides his amazing talent, Ray is a sweet, kind man. He took the time to talk with and sign autographs for each fan who asked. Ray Tharp is a man whose dreams and talent are sure to take him to places far beyond the realms of our area and his hometown.


SUBJECT: Mention of Ray's Concert in Alexandria DATE: August 1997 MEDIA: Newspaper (The Enquirer) Cincinnati, Ohio


Ray's concert was briefly mentioned in this paper and was concerning his contribution to the Alexandria Fair with a concert for hometown fans.


SUBJECT: Album Debut - Hometown Concert DATE: September 1997 MEDIA: Newspaper (Kentucky)


On August 28th, Alexandria was treated to a concert given by their own Ray Tharp. Ray, whose debut album was released on the day of the concert, chose his hometown to celebrate his success. "I wrote the songs on the album about people and events in my own life. I figured home was the perfect place to debut After The Storm, my first album," Ray said.

On Wednesday morning, August 27th, festivities began with an appearance on WKRC-TV 12's Morning Show. He performed an acoustic version of "Jenny's Always Home," a song from his album. That evening he serenaded his hometown fans from high atop a spectacular float.

The celebration came to a infamous climax when he thrilled fans with his first headliner concert. Ray sang familiar country favorites and weaved in songs from his debut album. In spite of a delay imposed by the fair board; Ray Tharp's concert was a huge success.


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